Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still Praying for Justice in Kenya (video link and my thoughts)

I continue to receive updates on the situation with our friend Jeremiah, in Kenya. There is a video you can see from the local news at

"Friends, As of today, Jeremiah remains in jail. I was able to speak with him today and, while he remains confident that he will be exonerated, he sounded very tired. The police have concluded the investigation and the findings have been forwarded to the regional court for review and recommendation. The police feel that there is no evidence that has been uncovered that, in any way, implicates Jeremiah. However, the final determination of what comes next depends upon the judge who will examine the case. Please continue to pray that the Truth will prevail and that the healing can begin for the Pallangyos and for Naivasha. As a pastor friend of Jeremiah said to me, "Next will be damage control". Accusation (especially false accusation) can be devastating and only God knows the ultimate effect of this crisis upon the New Hope for All Nations Church and the ministry of Jeremiah and Beth. May we pray that it comes out of this stronger than ever! Continue to remember the Pallangyo children (Faith, Grace, Caleb and Winnie) as they try to deal with this attack upon their dad. Pray for the Church leaders as they stand for their Bishop and their ministry. Pray for the young man who committed these terrible acts. Pray that the Lord teach all of us what He would have us to learn in the midst of trials such as these."

"Beth returned home about 9PM her time today (2PM our time) . She had just
returned from visiting and taking food to Jeremiah. She 's been going there
3 times a day to visit and to bring him meals and bring him water to wash in
his cell. I asked her if he is comfortable and she told me that it is
difficult for him to be comfortable because he is sharing the cell with
others, including Geoffrey Matheri, the serial murderer and rapist who is
the accuser who implicated Jeremiah in the horrible crimes Geoffrey admitted
to commiting."
Can you imagine being in the same cell with these guys?

A final note: Jeremiah has been represented during this process by a group of attorneys recommended by his advisers. It has been their duty to see that all of the appropriate legal processes have been followed and to assure that Jeremiah is not "railroaded" in the heat of the moment. They have performed their work well---but, unfortunately, not pro bono. Consequently, there is an obligation of $3,500 owing to this firm. This is a sum that the Pallangyos do not have. If you would be willing to help defray this cost, you can do so through Child's Hope International on line @"

I am praying that this money does not have to come out of the mouths of orphans. The price of basic food like rice has gone so high around the world and there are so many orphans still starving in Africa. My heart has been broken over this lately, especially while we are complaining about affording the gas to put into our shiny cars, and my church is pouring money into colored glass.  We live world's away from the reality of life in places like Kenya. May our hearts be tender and ready to act as we are able.

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