Monday, November 1, 2010

The Non-candy store

I don’t want my kids to miss out on the fun of getting a big bag of candy on October 31st. But I don’t want all of that candy to become part of their bodies and brains either.


Beatrix discovered the wonders of candy last year.

And knows what she’s after this year.


But how do you get those darn tootsie rolls open?!



Maybe you just eat the paper…. hey Mom!


I guess pretzels are good too.

Acadia and Lily are not happy with only eating the pretzels. So we’ve come up with a happy solution all around…

The non-candy store.

In this store the goods are good for you and the candy is the cash!

Here’s last year’s store:


Strawberries, pistachios, spritzer, toys, games and art supplies


And here’s this year’s store:


Organic fruit sour gummy worms and bears, peanut and almond butter squeeze packs, sparkling cider, art and school supplies, socks, hair things, cups, and the coolest thing: window climbing ninjas.


They still had some candy left after buying all the stuff I had, (my prices weren’t high enough!) so they portioned out the rest for the next few days. But this is all the stuff I kept OUT of their tummies and off their teeth:


I know there’s other creative methods of cutting back on candy. What are your ideas?

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