Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stay At Home, Mom!

Our homeschooling got off to a late start this morning because Little House on the Prairie was on TV this morning. Our whole family was glued to it. "No Pa, no, don't climb that tree you'll.....fall! Oh no, how will he get his crops planted now?".
After we finished school work I went over to the library and ended up discussing my job, pay, etc. I came home and Dan and I discussed whether or not I should keep working. I've been frequently overwhelmed by this and have wondered if the time would come to stop working. It was only five hours a week, but it was taking a lot of my energy to plan and prepare for these four programs I was running. This afternoon I finally made the decision and went and told the librarian that I was done. I'm a home schooling , stay at home mom and in order to do that, I really have to be at home. I need that time and flexibility to give to my kids, my home, Dan and myself. And on those bad days that we have fairly often around here, I need to not have that extra commitment to try to work around.
There. It doesn't feel good right now, but I know it was the right decision, and I will feel good about it later (thanks for telling me that Anna).

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