Friday, May 23, 2008


I used to think that at this point in my life I would be speaking a foreign language and my children would be running around babbling in something very tribal. As it turns out, our family has been learning a language completely foreign to us and to many of the people around us. Here's some examples of common phrases overheard in the Miller house recently.

Situation: Acadia placed in time out.
"I need to get my destructive feelings out. I need to rip grass, tear paper or chew ice, and you're not letting me use any of my coping skills."

Situation: Acadia spits at Lily, Lily responds.
"Just because you're mad about something doesn't mean you have to take it out on me. Why do you always take it out on me? Take it out on a thing, not a person."

Situation: Kids fight over front seat, Lily immediately moves to the back, Mom confronts Acadia, Acadia responds.
"I don't think that's right either, she shouldn't just move...Lily, get back in the front seat."

Situation: Mom tells Lily that she has found a therapist for her. Lily responds.

"Oh good, I wanted one."

Situation: Kathryn, watching PBS documentary on depression, starts asking the researchers...
"Oh, so if those areas of the brain are linked, what happens if you stimulate the prefrontal cortex? Does the hippocampus respond, or does area 25 show any changes?"

Here's some pictures of the restless natives:


Clueless said...

LOL!!! I love the what you wrote and the pictures. This is my first visit and I really enjoyed it. I'll stop by again to see what the natives are up to. Take Care.

Carol said...

Hi, they're really cute and it's pretty clear they keep you on your toes!!! I love your blog!