Thursday, May 1, 2008

Normal Update

The blood work I had done after the miscarriage came back and it was all normal, as we expected. I knew I didn't have my Dad's blood clotting disorder which I got tested for several years ago, now I know that I don't have any other ones either.

Lily and I went on a field trip to a greenhouse with our homeschool group. She had a great time with her friends and brought home an elephant ear and a geranium. Later we snuggled on the couch and watched "My Louisiana Sky" with Daddy. I've been working on her scrapbook that covers her birth up to age 2 and I'm finally almost done!

Acadia stayed overnight at Grammie's as she's been doing every Wednesday. She's had some rough days and it was a relief to drop her off yesterday. She's started using language like "what the heck" and "Oh my gosh" and becoming extremely intense and agitated this week. She's been wrecking rooms when she's upset which takes us sometimes hours to get her to clean it all up. On the other hand she's had some good times when she's able to play and work just fine. Monday was a great morning for her but it didn't last more than half a day. I really don't know what's up with her. It could be a response to my feeling sad and depressed, or it could be the weather changing (which is what she claims) or maybe her medication isn't right again. I was glad I didn't decide to drag her along to the greenhouse, it would have been sensory overload! Anyway, it's stressful but manageable and part of our normal.

We've started the garden and we're filling up the pool, and Dan got his van stuck in the muddy yard yesterday so spring is in full bloom at our house! We can't wait for warm weather. We retired our rabbit who lost two litters and bought a new little 12 week bunny girl. I can't post a pic right now but she's the sweetest puffball and the girls named her Nellie. We hope to breed her in a few months and have better success than we've had so far. The rabbits are our family hobby and eventually we want to get the kids involved more so it can be a project for them.

Wow, this update does sound rather normal. Maybe we can hang out here for awhile.

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annamade said...

It always cracks me up how you and I view normal--as a momentary reprieve from chaos. :D