Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"Grief is like a drunken houseguest, always coming back for one more goodbye hug."

I've never had a drunken houseguest, (my poor guests are offered milk or water!) but this stinkin grief thing is annoying. Every once in awhile I just start sobbing. And now it's sitting on me and won't get off. This drunken houseguest is bringing all his friends back too, from my other miscarriages, to my brother Noah being in the NICU, all the way back to my brother Zebulun's stillbirth 15 years ago. It's like a sad scrapbook that's sitting out on the coffee table. I keep putting it on the shelf and someone keeps getting it out again.


annamade said...

I like that description. I'm sorry it's being so difficult, and bringing all it's friends. :(

Kate said...

Hey sweet friend...thank you for sharing so honestly. I love you and will be praying for you...good thing about bad houseguests...they ALWAYS leave!! Hang onto Him, dearie.
Love and many hugs,