Monday, May 3, 2010

How to get a really strong iced coffee for $1.05 (and rip off DD)

Yeah. I'm pretty pleased. I just got this really robust iced coffee for really cheap.
It's because I married a Java Genius. When I'm at home my JG just makes me an iced coffee with espresso, ice and half 'n half. But he figured out a way to get this same Beautiful Beverage when we're on the road, without paying a lot of money for it.
And although I'm not willing to share my JG, I will share this fantastic secret with all of my Dear Readers. Here's whatcha do.
Go to Dunkin Donuts and ask for: a double espresso, on ice, with cream (and sugar, if that's how you take it). But hold on, it's not quite that simple. Now comes the hard part. You must wait while the teller is momentarily befuddled. "Can you repeat that?" he says. And you do. "That will be a dollar five," he says. And yes, that's $1.05 for a BB at DD without even having your own JG!
So, DR, are you curious why it costs so much less than a regular iced coffee? It's because you're not paying for water. A double espresso (also known as a turbo shot at DD) is only $1.05, and they don't charge extra for cream or ice. If you make the mistake of ordering an iced coffee with a turbo shot you're going to pay somewhere around $3 which is just too much to shell out very often.
And if you don't drink coffee and you still want a novel way to cool off you can try Lily's method:

Let me know if you try either of these hot tips, I'd love to know what the tellers tell YOU!

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Suzy said...

this was too cute! I love the pics.
I wish i had my own JG :( oh well.
I will have to try this sometime!

Anonymous said...

OK I admit,,,I tried it today !! Awesome! but they did charge me for a cup of ice. .25 When I asked why it was more then I expected they said the charge was for the which I said ..."doesn't a shot of expresso come in a cup?" and then paid anyway so as not to be too annoying :)

The Pen of a Ready Scribe said...

I am definitely going to try this - the next hot day - and I will let you know how it goes !

Sharon said...

I am definitely going to try this - the next hot day - and I will let you know how it goes !!!!

Selena said...

That was HILARIOUS! And I am definitely gonna try that while on vaca this summer! :) Thanks, dear.

Teri said...

I just found your blog through NetworkedBlogs and I love it!

I'll have to try that coffee trick!