Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Code Green

We hospitalized Acadia yesterday. We went to the hospital intending to do an intake eval for the day program. It had just dawned on me the day before that Acadia Hospital (the private psych hospital in Bangor) has a day program for kids that I could try to get Acadia into. On the way into the appointment she screamed "Help!" for 30 min. I think she sensed what was about to happen. We got about 20 min into the eval and the clinician said "I don't really need to go any further. I can tell you right now that she should be admitted." When Acadia heard that, she bolted. She opened the door and started running down the halls. The clinician pushed the button on the wall. "Code Green in the Access Center!" 15 people appeared out of nowhere and 4 of them restrained her. They were very calm and quiet, and only spoke a few necessary words. They used her name and asked her to calm down. Even with four people holding her she was still trying to bite, kick, and get away! I thought "Wow, I've been doing that by myself, and it's actually a four person job."
So since we were at the hospital when this happened, they immediately started the process (with my permission) for admission. I was relieved to have avoided the whole emergency room scene this time. I even felt a bit sly for having found the back door in to the system!
After we got her a room, Mom and I left. She threw a fit and had to be restrained again, but eventually she calmed down. We went to meet Bekah and Evan at the mall and I got a little baby therapy before we headed home. Dan and I packed Acadia's bag and got her a happy meal and went back to the hospital. We played a game and got all her stuff put away in her room. I read "The Stinky Cheese Man" to her. When we left she started in again, but I don't know yet how things went after that. We plan to go visit again this afternoon.
I feel so relieved to have her in the hospital. I knew I was tired and getting depressed and feeling trapped, but I feel all of that melting away now that I know she is in good hands. I was very impressed with the hospital and the staff, and I feel like she really needs to be there to get the intensive care that she needs right now.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that hospitalization is the answer right now. I know that is a hard decision to make. I am glad that it has put relief on your shoulders. I can't even imagine how hard and relived at the same time that must have been. I'll be praying for you all. Dear Lord, Please bring pace to the family and Acadia help the doctors and nurses to bring the little child back that everyone knows is hidden in all of the minds emotional turmoil.

Suzy said...

yeah i always have thought you were pretty awesome, doing the job of four people :)

Anonymous said...

OK - thanks for posting and keeping us updated; the prior experience with Acadia Hospital we all have had will be useful. Thinking of you daily (and nightly, too, :D )