Friday, February 15, 2008

Safe in Grace

I had a meeting with Acadia's doctors at the hospital today. The latest and most significant development is that she has developed hyperthyroidism. This is most likely a result of being on lithium. Statistically 12% of patients on lithium develop hypothyroidism while a rare 2% develop hyperthyroidism. Some studies I've read suggest that withdrawing lithium can cause this, and we did withdraw her lithium for about 6 weeks before adding it again.

Because hyperthyroidism causes symptoms such as anxiety, erratic behavior, nervousness, irritability, or panic attacks; this could be contributing to or causing some of her difficulties right now. So this is the first thing we will be treating.

Acadia will be in the hospital for at least two weeks. I was able to take her out for an hour today and we went to the mall. She did well, but she seems a little bit on edge. Today she got a roommate. It will be good for her to have another girl to hang out with. She's not doing school right now and kind of bored...she even asked me to bring in her math book!

Our family is relieved to feel safe again. Acadia is safe where she is and in an environment that she can handle. Lily is free to build forts without having them destroyed, Dan can cook in the kitchen and have the knives out on the counter, and I don't have to keep looking behind me to keep from being hit or hurt. Without living in that environment for two weeks you cannot know the relief that we feel to out of it. Instead of feeling sad or scared that our daughter is in a psychiatric hospital, we have peace and hope for her recovery. That is God's Grace in the ups and downs of life.


Kate said...

Dear friend,
Checking in on y'all this a.m...thank you for keeping us all updated on dear Acadia. I will be praying for wisdom and gentleness for the Drs and nurses. And for super-abundant, overflowing grace and peace to flood your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus in this "storm". Rest in His care and keep trusting that He is and will continue to care for your little girl.
Much love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Miller family,
I have been praying for your family and the doctors to help with Acadia. I am glad that you have this time to rest and recharge. I can't imagine your daily struggles. The thyroid brings on so many problems in mental well being that, that is one thing I can say Acadia Hospital checks every time you are there as a patient. I pray that Acadia's treatment goes well and she comes home with the ability to be the sweet girl that i know is inside here when all her minds troubles are not in the way.