Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Life-window

I saw this spread out on the table this morning and thought,
wow that's like peeking in a window at my life!

Here's the breakdown:

Coffee: Made fresh this morning by my husband who loves me and shares his life and his coffee with me. Also the elixer of life to get me through my day.

Bible: My relationship with God is so important and His word sustains me. In Him I live and move and have my being.

Math book: Homeschooling my kids is so challenging and rewarding. It's one of the things I value most, my responsibility as their teacher in life.

Pink sticky notes and pencil: I forget everything. I have to write notes constantly to keep up with life. These two are about music for our church praise team, and phone numbers and flight schedules for going to the NIH for an eval with Acadia.

Papers: I could drown in papers and laundry at my house. I have so much paperwork to do to stay on top of things for Acadia. This is a prescription and a form I'm filling out.

Small vase: I do value order and beauty, but it's a small priority for me right now. This is a sprig of some plant that we saw on our nature hike. It is a beautiful ground cover and I want to look it up and see what it is and if it would grow in our yard somewhere.

Window: In the background is my dining room window. You just got a good peek into what my life is all about!

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Suzy said...

hey this was really neat!