Sunday, October 14, 2007

You might have a bp kid if ....

  • Your house resembles Martha Stewart's new address and not her old address.
  • You have the psychiatrist on speed dial.
  • You've had to change pdocs more often than your child changes clothes.
  • Your neighbors HAVE to know your business.
  • You have holes in your walls and doors coming off the hinges, but that's the last thing you're worried about.
  • Your friends are worried about dinner parties, while you're worried about getting your child to eat something for dinner besides just carbs!
  • Strangers feel the need to tell you how they could raise your child better.
  • It takes a psychiatric consult to find out what med is safe to give your child for the common cold.
    Your neighbors children have soccer practice 2 days a week, your child has therapy appointments to learn relaxation techniques instead.
  • While others safety proof their homes for their toddlers, you still have to safety proof your house for your teenager.
  • You're an expert at drywall repair.
  • The people in Walmart see you coming and run for cover!
  • You drive like you're 100 years old for fear of an object being hurled at your head.
  • You have more doctors and hospitals programmed into your cell phone than you have friends.
  • You're on a first name basis with your pharmacist.
  • Instead of passing condescending looks, you're sympathetic when you see a mom with another child who is raging in public.
  • You're more concerned with the wars at home than overseas.
If you have a kid with bipolar disorder, I just found this fantastic online picture book for kids about big feelings!

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